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Tea Gifts from Premier’s

Assorted Tea Gift Packs

Surprise your loved ones with the choicest assortment of gourmet tea gift packs. You can be sure that beverage lovers will relish the authentic flavors of pure tea with every sip. From Darjeeling, Nilgiri, or Assam originals to flavourful teas like cardamom, saffron, jasmine, apple, lemon, mango, caramel, or ginger, the taste and aroma reflect authenticity.

You come across tea lovers all over, and whatever the occasion, presenting them with a unique gift pack is sure to delight. Gift packs are available in whole leaf and tea bag options. Both these collections boast of the finest range of refreshingly aromatic and heart-warming flavors.

Designer Packaging

Whole leaf teas are first packed in elegantly designed metal caddies and then placed in sturdy and beautiful gift boxes. The tea bags come in stunning handmade wooden boxes with an exquisite walnut finish.

Recipients will be thrilled to see the neatly positioned contents of such inviting gift packs, which reflect an attention to detail. The designer packaging elevates the art of gifting

and promises to deliver an outstanding tea experience.

Expresses Fine Taste

The finest assortment of teas thoughtfully wrapped in gift packs make for memorable souvenirs. Nothing beats the sophistication of original English Breakfast and the irresistible taste of Moroccan Mint, Caribbean Cocktail, and Camomile flavored teas.

Dose of Wellness

A combination of the best assortment of teas goes beyond just being a unique gift. You are indirectly gifting the recipient good health as good quality tea with its minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants is a wellness booster.

The fact that tea is calorie-free and naturally low in caffeine works in your favor by soothing your digestive system and boosting your immunity. It is easy to brew, keeps you focused, and uplifts your spirits any part of the day.

Present signature tea gift packs to those who genuinely love a refreshing cup so they can partake in enjoyable conversations while sipping away.

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