Finest Indian Tea with “The Passion of Purity”

Tea being an agricultural product, it is necessary to clean it from impurities/foreign or unwanted materials such as dust, fibre, wooden particles, small stones, sand, small glass pieces, ferrous and non-ferrous particles, paper, plastic shreds, dead insects etc, that might have come from the garden or processing factory. These alien particles often get mixed at various stages of production and owing to the lack of modern facilities at Tea factories, these impurities can often go unnoticed.

At Premier’s, to ensure only the best quality reaches the consumer, cutting edge technology is used to clean, sort, blend, flavour and pack various varieties in our product line at our State-of-the-Art Tea Plant. All the tea passes through stringent inspection at each stage of production ensuring minimum human contact with the tea.

Unadulterated Indian Tea

Beginning with procuring of tea, sorting into various grades depending on the size of the tea leaf, cleaning the tea of impurities and foreign materials, tasting hundreds tea varieties from a single source, finding the right blend that suits our palate, packing them in bulk, as well as a range of consumer packs of pure teas, flavour teas and fruit and herbal infusions, all the while maintaining the highest level of quality standards at each step.

We are certified users of the ‘Geographical Indication’ logos for the origin of tea namely, Darjeeling, Assam, Nilgiri and Kangra issued by the Tea Board of India. None of the origin teas is mixed with teas from a different origin. What you get is a clean, unadulterated cup of pure tea to enjoy!

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