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Sencha tea (煎茶, in Japanese): What is it?

So far, the Sencha tea drink is by far the most consumed in Japan for its nutritional value, health benefits and well-being. Presumably, he is considered the “King of green teas.”

At first glance, this Japanese green tea, the richest in antioxidants, moderate in caffeine (to be consumed moderately). Moreover, there is an exceptional asset … losing weight (that it promotes the elimination of bad fats).

It seems that Sencha tea contains other virtues for our body. To this day, Japanese green tea has been one of the most recognized and widely answered approach in the West. However, green tea has been a tradition in Japanese culture dating back to the year 800 by Buddhist monks, imported from China. 

Let yourself be enchanted by the bud scent of Sencha Tea… It brings an intense flavor power with a slightly sweet and mild flavor.

How to prepare your Sencha tea?

Sencha Tea already represents a fairly delicate green tea in terms of preparation. Indeed, it requires relatively warm water and a shorter brewing time than most green teas.

We recommend that you proceed as follows:

  • Put 1 teabag of Sencha Japanese Green Tea equivalent to 1 teaspoon in a teacup.
  • Let it steep for 1 minute in 70 ° C water.
  • Your Sencha Tea is ready.

People who enjoy a more astringent brew should increase the water temperature and those who prefer a milder version should lower it.