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Pyramid Tea Pot with Infuser (1400ml)

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Pyramid Tea Pot with Infuser (650ml)

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Pyramid Tea Pot with Infuser (950ml)

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Taste the Tea

Tasting the Tea is an art by itself. An art that takes years for one to become a pioneer. While the road to become a master is always a long and perilous, but countless treasures are scattered along the way for you to find. So how do start walking this road? It’s very simple to begin, only 3 things that you have to know..

Smell:- The sense of smell is the first thing one should concentrate on. Good teas are the ones that engrosses you by their aroma alone. A tea taster should always deeply inhale the aroma before drinking..

Taste:- Tea tasters use huge spoons, to scoop some tea, slurping it entirely. While it may seem bizarre, it actually is get a good amount of air in one’s mouth for the taste receptors on the tongue to get an even profile of the taste of the Tea.

Sight:- A good Taster can determine the type and grade of a Tea on its appearance alone whether is Orthodox leafy teas of CTC grade. When a Tea taster does screening of teas, dry tea is placed on a clean white screening paper and the leaf colour is observed along with size and consistency.

Recycling Your Tea Bags


Have you ever thought about recycling your Tea-Bags. If you haven’t yet, we have plenty of ways that you can use.

Used tea bags can soaked into water as teas are rich in nutrients and can be used as organic fertilizers for your garden plants.

Used bags can be used to keep your windows or mirrors cleaned. Even by simply wiping the surface of glass objects by moist tea bags, then dry it by a soft piece of cloth.

The bags that you were about to throw away can even rejuvenate your skin. Putting some used tea bags on a bowl of boiled water and holding your head over the rising steam can open up your pores and moisturise your skin. And in the same way it can be used to calm the tired feet after a long walk. Simply submerge your feet in a bowl of warm water with used tea bags.