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The Gift for a Season


There’s always a perfect gift for each and every season. Only finding what it is the hard part. Selecting that unique gift that would last at least an entire season has always baffled me. But no more, I’ve found that perfect gift in the form of Premier’s Wooden Tea Box Set which has 6 chambers of Tea elegantly presented in a handmade wooden box. Each chamber containing a specific variety of Tea in 15 Tea Bags. The total number of cups of tea it would produce is the perfect figure of 90. A cup of Tea for each day of a season.  And for the tea enthusiasts for whom a single cup might not suffice for a day, the aficionados that prefer the variety of Teas and its flavours would love the larger 12 chamber Premier’s Wooden Tea Box Set.

The Best Gift is the One You Give Yourself


Self-care is something that every individual should think about, but rarely anyone gives it any mind. Through our daily lives we try so hard to keep up with everyone else that we tend to forget ourselves in the process. While we think that we are better off with just the essentials, it isn’t a sin to indulge on ourselves once or twice in a while. Better yet, studies have shown that even the smallest of gifts you give yourself can cheer you up. This is the time, choose yourself the perfect gift you want for yourself from our huge collections of Gift Packs of Specialty Tea. The fine teas and elegant packaging will always remind you to take proper care of yourself. Indulge in the great pleasure of drinking Tea in the afternoon that will relax you and make you embrace yourself.