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Saffron Flavoured Tea | 62 Cups | 125 Gms |...

(125 g) – PM-32

USD $20.00
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Saffron Flavoured Tea | 50 Cups | 100 Gms |...

(100 g) – PMSS-6F-SFN

USD $17.25
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The Most Expensive Spice


Sold at the average price of $16 per gram, Saffron is the most expensive spice in the World. This bright red spice is actually the dried orange stigmas of the Crocus Sativus flower.

What makes this spice so expensive is the painstaking process of harvesting the stigma of these flowers that only blooms in the morning, all of which has to done by hand. The more careful the cultivation is, the higher the price it will fetch. Iran is the largest supplier of the spice as it produces almost 85% of the world’s total.

Be it the Spanish Paella, Persian Pilau or The Indian Biryani, all of these dishes would be lacking without the spice of Saffron.

We at Premier’s bring to you our special saffron tea that will make feel like a Persian King as you take a sip, into the aroma of the Ancient Spice blended into royal Tea leaves of India.

The Spice of the Kings and Pharaohs


Influenced by the love of Saffron, a Rajasthani Maharaja had made a lake in the middle of a desert just to grow his beloved Crocus flower that would produces all the saffron he’d ever need. He looked down upon the garden of saffron from his fort. Although the garden has perished now, but the fort still stands, the Amber fort, just outside the walls of Jaipur.

The last Pharaoh of Egypt, Cleopatra maintained her beauty by bathing in the milk of a mare infused with Saffron. She thought that the spice rejuvenated her physique and beauty.