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Apple Flavoured Tea | 50 Cups | 100 Gms |...

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Apple Flavoured Tea | 62 Cups | 125 Gms |...

(125 g) – PM-APL

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Apple Flavoured Tea | 25 Cups | 50 Gms |...

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The Çay of Istanbul


The Tea is by far the most common drink in the country of Turkey. All Turks consume tea at any time throughout the day.

In Istanbul, tea is a must have. You will find it everywhere, in every café, in restaurants, in the streets of the city or on the boats that cross the Strait of Istanbul.

The Turkish tea is traditionally prepared in a double receptacle called “çaydanlik”. This çaydanlik then serves as a kettle and teapot. It is served in small flared and transparent glasses which allow the aroma to be well preserved. The Turks are among the biggest tea consumers in the world. Tea is part of Turkish gastronomy.

Turkish Apple Tea


Turkey is a wonderful country to visit. If you have the chance to go, you can taste the famous “apple tea”, it is aromatic and delicious, and it still remains very difficult to find!

Being inspired by the love of the Turks for the beverage called Tea. Premier’s sought out to create a tea infusion that has the wonderful fruity flavour of the Turkish Apple Tea. Thus the specialty Premier’s Apple flavoured tea came into existence. Now you can enjoy the flavourful apple tea from the comforts of your home. A tea that goes well with sweets, preferably, the apple pie.