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Being First is Winning at Life


Coming out on the top after a vigorous trial feels like that you are winning at life. The euphoric feeling of becoming the first is not something that everyone can enjoy. From the very first man to climb Mount Everest to the first man that walked on the moon. Almost everyone knows their name but rarely anyone remembers the ones being second. Being first matters, not just in life but in Tea as well. The First Flush of the exquisite Darjeeling Tea is one of the most prized and expensive teas on the market. Considered by many Tea connoisseurs as the finest of the finest Indian Teas. The picking of these teas begin in the earliest of spring, as early as February and often lasting through April. The leaves of this tea being more delicate and tender are handpicked carefully to retain their floral flavor. First Flush Darjeeling teas are generally less oxidized during processing and may appear more greenish in color than black tea.

How To Brew the Finest of Teas?


Our teas have specific brewing instruction for each variety of our Specialty Teas. But to brew to the perfect cup, here are a few brewing tips for beginners.

➤Use Fresh, Pure, Filtered Water. Preferably spring water.

➤First Flush Teas should be brewed in slightly cooler temperatures than that of Black Teas. Or your Tea might taste too bitter and astringent.

➤It’s better to use a regular kettle than an electronic one for boiling the water.

➤Cover your tea while it steeps to keep all the heat in the steeping vessel.

➤It’s important not to over steep your tea, so it’s advised not to brew longer than the time specifically instructed.

➤Best way to pour a premium First Flush is to not add any milk or sweeteners in the liquor.