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Get Infused – Tea aroma and happiness

“Tea has always been my first beverage preference. And as I am growing, my curiosity to know more about tea, and different flavors are increasing. Tea is not just a cup of tea, it is a complete cycle of experience that involves an appreciation of culture, tradition, aroma, and flavor.

The experience changes depending on how each tea leaf was cultivated and processed to elicit enchanting aromas. It is amazing to know how teas differ depending on the region.

Tea is produced from flowers, herbs, spices, fruits, etc. In India, the best quality tea is produced from all different regions such as Kangra, Darjeeling, Assam, Nilgiri, Munnar, Sikkim, etc.

To know more about tea from different regions, I tried different varieties from Premiers Tea Moods. Premiers Tea Moods started in 1998, straddles the niche tea market like a colossus today, because of its uncompromising quality maintenance. They produce organic teas, teas with herbs, spices, flower petals, and fruit infusions.

Their packaging ranges from the finest quality of clean teas in consumer packs, gift packs, pyramid tea bags, aluminium foil tea wands.

About their tea from different regions:

  • Kangra – Kangra the valley of gods, yields a distinctive golden brew, with a unique sweet undertone.
  • Darjeeling – Premier’s offers a harmonious blend of Pure Darjeeling black leaf & green leaf tea, from the land of mists, mountain & valleys. It has a delicate muscatel flavor.
  • Assam – A perfect blend of nature from a land of rolling plains and dense forests, Assam tea is famed for its rich, full-bodied cup and bright liquor, intended for a connoisseur, who favors a strong but mellow cup of tea.
  • Nilgiri – Nilgiri tea is generally described as being, intensely aromatic, fragrant tea grown in the southern portion of the Western Ghats mountains, in  Southern part of India. Nilgiri, if literally translated, means the Blue Mountains, where the Kurinji or Neelakurinji Blue Flowers bloom once in every 12 years, making the mountain range entirely blue.
  • Sikkim – Known for its picturesque views, Sikkim produces delightfully delicate organic teas with notes of floral and citrus flavor.

About their different range of teas

Tea Wands – It is a unique packaging with whole leaf tea. The wand shape makes it easier to use. It is made out of harmless aluminum foil to minimize the loss of aroma and flavor. It comes in a pack of 12 wands. The best feature about these wands is it can be used 3 times.

  • Pyramid Tea Bags – The finest whole teas are packed into biodegradable/compostable tea bags.
  • Tea Bags in Foil sachets –Tea bags are made with string and Tag but NO PIN OR STAPLES, hermetically sealed in an individual foiled Sachets to retain the freshness including aroma & flavor of the tea. It includes flavored, decaff teas & exotic herbal teas like peppermint, chamomile, ginger, hibiscus, etc.

About the flavors I tried

I tried their Nilgiri, Assam, Darjeeling Green & Black Tea, Chamomile Tea, Chocolate Tea. I enjoyed every single one of them. All their flavors are very unique, original & so aromatic. The best feature of their tea is the purity. You can experience the authenticity in every sip.”

Ashita Agrawal | Food Blogger

#Mumbai Based Tiny Human who Explores, Cooks & Clicks
24 | Thai Food ❤️ | Tea Enthusiast ☕ ashitaagrawal.com

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