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What Is Jasmine Green Tea and Why Should You Drink It?

What Is Jasmine Green Tea 

Jasmine green tea is a herbal infusion tea. When the Jasmine flowers are picked they are dried and then blended with green tea leaves resulting in a delicately perfumed tea with a subtle Jasmine flavour. The Jasmine itself is a flower, not a tea, however, when blended with tea leaves it becomes Jasmine green tea.

Jasmine has long been regarded as the “Flower of life” or “Gift from God” in many cultures. For centuries the flower has been used for a variety of health and spiritual reasons. The combination of Jasmine with green tea only further accentuates the power of this ancient flower. 

What Are the Benefits 

Both Jasmine and green tea have a variety of health benefits, and when you combine the two the benefits are astounding! Jasmine flower and green tea have been shown to aid in the treatment of certain health issues. Additionally, Jasmine is said to be an aphrodisiac and it is said to help with liver problems. 

Both Jasmine flower and green tea are known to increase mental alertness. Green tea is also full of antioxidants and Catechins that may help fight diseases and cell damage. The Jasmine green tea caffeine content is around 15-60 mg per cup which is enough to provide mild stimulation without a crash or jitters. 

Jasmine green tea is also full of Polyphenols. These Polyphenols are powerful and may reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease.

How to Enjoy the Tea 

As with any tea, it is best to use filtered water to brew the tea. You will need to boil the water to a temperature of 175 degrees. Once the water is boiling at the appropriate temperature you will pour it into a teapot over the tea leaves. 

Be mindful not to boil for longer than 3 minutes as the tea could become bitter and the flavour will be compromised. When the tea is finished you can add accompaniments and make Jasmine green milk tea or jasmine green tea with honey. 

The World of Tea 

Jasmine green tea is a healthy and flavorful herbal infusion tea that is enjoyed by millions of people across the world. There are many varieties of tea to try and Jasmine green tea is a long-standing favourite that is here to stay!

In the world of tea, there are many varietals and techniques for enjoying the ancient brew. Our site offers insight into a wide array of teas and how to enjoy them!

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