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Darjeeling Sapphire PSC

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Premier’s tea... A perfect blend of Nature. India where wind, water and earth come together to create the ultimate tea that stirs the heart and soothes the palate, is unrivalled in its quality and variety and keeps the tradition alive. Premier’s have selected this particular teas from high grown Darjeeling tea estates, keeping the freshness and distinct flavour alive.Fresh young green tea leaves, plucked from the Himalayan slopes in the Darjeeling, are gently roasted in the Pan roaster to ensure by the high temperature so that the active enzymes in the green leaf are arrested to deactivate fermentation. After the process of panning for about five minutes, the leaves are gently rolled and then dried in a dryer to remove all the extra moisture from the leaf.Since it is 100% dry process, no water or steam is involved during the process, keeping quality of this tea much longer than the steamed Green tea. Delicate aroma of the Darjeeling hills with natural goodness of tea makes Premier’s Green SAPPHIRE, a connoisseur’s delights. The experience is exhilarating.

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