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Masala Chai Flavoured Tea | 62 Cups | 125 Gms...

(125 g) – PMS-MC

USD $18.00
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Earl Grey Flavoured Tea | 25 Cups | 50 Gms...

(50 g) – PMP-EG

USD $10.00
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Masala Chai Flavoured Tea | 12 Cups | 30 Gms...

(30 g) – PSMTW-MC

USD $14.00
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Decaffeinated Earl Grey Flavoured Tea | 25 Cups | 50...

(50 g) – PTB-DCE

USD $12.00
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Rosehip & Hibiscus | Herbal Infusion | 25 Cups |...

(37.5 g) – PTB-HI-16RH

USD $10.00
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3 in 1 Gift Box Set | Round Metal Caddies...

(150 g) – PMP 3 in 1

USD $50.00
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3 in 1 Gift Box Set | Square Metal Caddies...

(375 g) – PMS 3 in 1

USD $85.00
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Pure Darjeeling Black Tea | 62 Cups | 125 Gms...

(125 g) – PMS-D

USD $27.00
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Wooden Gift Box Set | 6 Chambers | 15 Tea...

(180 g) – PTBWB-6

USD $130.00
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Pure Darjeeling Green Tea | 50 Cups | 100 Gms...

(100 g) – PMSS-1 DG

USD $20.00
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Moroccan Mint | Herbal Infusion | 20 Cups | 50...

(50 g) – PTNTWC-MCMT

USD $20.00
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Camomile | Herbal Infusion | 20 Cups | 50 Gms...

(50 g) – PTNTC-CML

USD $23.00
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Pure Teas from the house of Premier’s Tea Ltd.

At Premier’s we believe in the sanctity of the originality of pure Indian teas and therefore make every conceivable effort to retain its purity and originality.

Premier’s Tea has a license Agreement with Tea Board, India (under Ministry of Commerce, Government of India) to use their Darjeeling CTM, Assam, Nilgiri, and Kangra in all its consumer packs of teas as a mark of authentication of the purity and origin of our teas.

The Company is also backed by dedicated and technically competent professionals, who are experienced in the field of tea leaves selection, manufacturing procedure, tea tasting, processing, cleaning, flavoring, and packaging in our State-of-the-Art Tea Plant.

The Tea Plant, which is located at Kolkata, India, is ISO 22000:2018, Food Safety System Certification 22000:2018 & HACCP certified. Our Tea Plant is also compliant with Organic Standards for EU, USA, Japan& India.

Teas packed with the passion of purity.

The greatest hurdle for success in the value added niche and mass tea market was to ensure removal of alien materials such as wooden splinters, nails, pieces of foil, iron particles, stone particles, unwanted fiber and dust, which comes from the tea gardens where the tea is produced, as the tea gardens still lack the proper facilities for cleaning bulk teas, which are generally cleaned abroad by packers using different technologies.

Beginning with tasting the hundreds of varieties of tea from a single source to find the right blend that matches our taste and quality parameters, procuring of tea, sorting into various grades depending on the size of the leaf, cleaning the tea of impurities and foreign materials, packing them in bulk, storing, packing in a wide variety of consumer packs of an array of pure teas, flavour teas and herbal infusions, quality standards are maintained at each step by trained personnel.