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Wooden Gift Box

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We are sure you would love to receive a tea gift set - filled with enticing new teas so just think how wonderful it would have been to give away as a tea gifts sets to friends and family. Everyone would appreciate and also would  feel delighted to receive such a gift. Giving tea and tea accessories is an wonderful idea that would be welcomed by everyone. In fact the person receiving it would feel very much obliged to invite his or her benefactor over a cup of tea to celebrate. If you're looking for something innovative to impress someone, maybe this could have been an idea for you. This is the reason why our Wooden Gift Box is being manufactured to reach out in every occasion. Keeping in mind about the different occasion, we have come up with varieties of sole organic Indian teas, Pure Darjeeling Black tea , Darjeeling Green tea, Pure Assam and Nilgiri tea in tea bags  as well as elegant caddies.